Talus Fyurron

Ex-Imperial Tie-Fighter Pilot Ace, Out for revenge against the Empire!


Race: Human
Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d4, Vigor d8
Skills: Computers d4, Fighting d10, Piloting d10+2, Notice d6, Shooting d10, Knowledge: Imperial Navy d4, Force Skill d8+2,
Charisma: 0, Pace: 6
Parry: 7, Toughness: 6 (8 with Flight Suit)
Hindrances: Wanted (Minor), Cautious (Minor), Vengeful (Major)
[*Spent 2 Points for Edge, and 2 Points for Stat Bonus (Vigor)]
1. Force Sensitive (Free)
2. Background/Profession: Ace (Free)
3. Two-Fisted (Human Bonus)
4. Force Trained (Plus 2 Pts Spent from Hinderances)
5. Force Adept (Plus 2 to Force Use)
6. Unique Weapon (Double Lightsaber: Orange-Colored Blades)
7. Force Weapon Mastery (Gain -2 Deflection bonus for being shot at)
8. Force Adept II (Gain Force Power at -1 cost per use): Telekinesis
9. Improved Force Skill (from d6 to d8)
10. Force Mastery (-1 PP Use with any Raise on Force Use; 1 PP Minimum)
Racial Abilities:
1. Bonus Edge
2. (2) Skill Pts
Force Powers:
1. Burst
2. Forget
3. Surge
4. Force Lightning
5. Telekinesis
Languages: Huttese, Basic, and learning basic Mandalorean.
1. Other Abilities: Can use Force points to soak damage rolls while piloting (Ace Edge)
2. (+2) Resist the Taint of the Dark Side when using Dark Side powers. (Force Adept Edge)
Current Gear:
Padded Flight Suit (Plus 2 Armor) with Helmet
Heavy Blaster Pistol x2
Short “Red” Lightsaber (2d6 Dam)
Double “Orange” Lightsaber (2d8 Dam)
Knife x2
Utility Belt with Additional Hip Holster
Glow Rod
1 Standard SR Commlink
1 Undetectable/Untraceable Commlink (Limited Usage by planet)
Spare Energy Cell x2
“In Storage” on Sundancer
1. Storm Trooper “Evo” Armor (Stored)
2. Desguised Walking Staff (Lightsaber Resistant Material)
3. Repeating Blaster
4. Light Armored Environmental Suit


Talus was a standard Imperial Navy recruit who earned top marks as an Ace Tie-Fighter pilot fighting Pirates and other space trash for the Emperor. However, Talus had his eyes opened on the day he was left in a smashed cockpit to die a slow sufficating death in space by Imperial command after a battle in Hutt Space. They knew he was alive, but disabled. The fleet just could not be bothered to help him, and actually thanked him for his sacrifice by comm just before they jumped to hyperspace.
Amazingly he was rescued by a scavenger vessel sent to investigate the battle-site and allowed to earn his passage to Hutt space. Now Talus has vowed unbending vengence against the Empire, even if he has to join the burgeoning Rebellion to do it.
Upon finding the rebels, Talus was surprized more than anybody to find he was gifted in the Force. After a few tests by the Jedi Master among the Rebel leaders, the aging Jedi has reluctantly taken Talus as an apprentice. Talus sees the Force as another tool for his vengence, and the Jedi senses the anger in him, but cannot afford to alienate the potential good Talus could do for the Rebellion by refusing him training.

Talus Fyurron

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