Consular Class Cruiser


Acc/TS: 130/FTL; Handling: +0; Climb: 1, Toughness: 30 (5);
Shield: -2; Crew: 8 (2 minimum), Size: Medium
Notes: Atmospheric, Advanced Communication and Sensor System, Cargo Bay (5 spaces + 1 hidden), Spacecraft, Passengers (16), Small Ship dock
Weapons: 2 Light Turbolaser (Range: 75/150/300; Damage: 3d8; RoF 2; AP 4; Turreted)


The Sundancer is a 70 year old Corellian Consular Class Cruiser found abandoned several years ago in orbit around a planetless star by a group of pirates. The Alliance took the ship from the pirates when they defeated them in the Dantooine system. The ship is customized to provide a small ship dock that can carry a starfighter. It also has several modifications of unknown origin, which the crew recently discovered is some sort of experimental anti-gravity system that negates interdiction systems.

The Consular-Class Cruiser was a ship widely used by the Galactic Republic to transport officials, diplomats, and Jedi around the galaxy as needed. Manufactured by Corellian Engineering Corporation, this ship featured a modular salon pod that could be swapped out for other pods to accommodate a wide variety of missions. The Consular served the Republic for many decades prior to the rise of the Empire.


Consular Class Cruiser

Consular Class Cruiser Retrofit


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