Star Wars: The Last Hope

Episode Guide
EPISODE 1Greedo’s Bad Day
Location: Argovia
The newly formed Special Combat Group goes to the planet Argovia to sabotage an Imperial facility and end up saving a Rebel sympathizer from the bounty hunter Greedo.

EPISODE 2Driving While Duros
Location: Argovia
The heroes infiltrate the Imperial sensor net facility but are confronted by the bounty hunter Cade Bane upon their escape.

EPISODE 3Scrapyard Scrape-Up
Location: Raxus Prime
The SCG are sent to investigate the abondonded Separatist base on Raxus Prime in hopes of recovering any clues to the Death Star, but are confronted by the Meeknu jawa clan.

EPISODE 4 Thermite Throwdown
Location: Raxus Prime
The team helps the Jawa’s defend the Raxis Prime’s final ore cannon from the Imperial occupation and learn that a Imperial agent may be holding a Jedi prisoner in the old Separatist base.

TROMPH’S INTERLUDEThe Tale of Sheifa – A story of love and loss.

EPISODE 5 - Raxus Coda
Location: Raxus Prime
The SCG confront the Imperial forces garrisoned in the old Separatist base and lead the liberation of Raxus Prime.

EPISODE 6 Skydiving on Coruscant
Location: Coruscant
The heroes track Aurra Sing to Coruscant but walk into an ambush.

SALAMAR’S INTERLUDEThe Hidden Rules – The con gets conned.

EPISODE 7The Trouble with Tuskens
Location: Tatooine
Aurra Sing’s employeer the Sith Knight Asaj Ventress has tracked her prey to the planet Tatooine. The heroes follow her there to confront her but discover a group of Jawa’s aren’t what they appear.

MITCHELL’S INTERLUDEPrison of Peace – Mitchell discovers his anger has imprisoned him.

EPISODE 8Attack on Anchorhead
Location: Tatooine
The rebels defend the town of Anchorhead from an assault by a tribe of Tusken Raiders.

EPISODE 9Temple of Sand
Location: Tatooine
The heroes infiltrate Jabba’s palace in hopes of finally confronting Asaj Ventress.

EPISODE 10Battle of Kamino
Location: Kamino
Under the cover of the Rebel invasion of the planet Kamino the Special Combat Group hunts down an Imperial VIP but mistakenly runs into Darth Vader.

EPISODE 11The Trap
Location: Deep Space
After interrogating the Deputy Director of the ISB, the Rebels rush to intercept an Imperial convoy carrying Grand Moff Tarkin’s attache, Captain Akbar

TALUS’ INTERLUDELiberty – Talus’ journey of freedom from the Empire.

EPISODE 12Battle of Mon Calimar
Location: Mon Calimar
The heroes have to take control of Mon Calimar’s planetary shield in order to liberate the planet from its Imperial Garrison.

EPISODE 13The Jedi Temple
Location: Coruscant
The heroes sneak onto Coruscant to find clues to the secret of the Jedi Holicrons.

EPISODE 14Mitchell Needs A Hand
Location: Kuat, Ord Mantell, Yavin 4
Mitchell and Sorilea disappear after a secret mission, so the rest of the SCG go to Kuat in search of their lost comrades.

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