Attack on Anchorhead

Tusken raiders assault the town of Anchorhead, but local merchant ship helps in town’s defense.

Mos Eisley, Tatooine – The cities Hospital was flooded yesterday by citizens fleeing Anchorhead after a massive attack by Tusken Raiders.

“There must have been a thousand of them,” said Ral Vinz local moister farmer.

When asked what provoked the attack, Mr. Vinz explained that a group of mercenaries had been raiding nearby towns kidnapping young women. “Their leader was a bounty hunter, I think, and she was looking for a specific girl. I think after a few days of not finding what she was looking for she was convinced her bounty was hiding out in [Anchorhead]. She and her hired guns showed up in town demanding we turn this girl over.” A shoot out between the mercenaries and the citizens of Anchorhead resulted.

“None of us really knew what she was talking about. We just knew she was waving guns at us and when she was asked to leave she threatened us some more, so someone started shooting”

After a short firefight, Mr. Vinz explains a local hermit named Ben, managed to talk the bounty hunter, whose identity can’t be confirmed, into leaving. “I think she knew the guy, she showed him a fair amount of respect and then left”

Apparently, according to an unnamed source, the bounty hunter immediately went and struck a bargain with a local Tusken Raider tribe. According to our source she offered to supply the Raiders with weapons if they attacked the town in mass in hopes of flushing out the bounty.

“The entire tribe had gathered in the north 40 of our land, just south of Anchorhead,” explain Tel Farrouk, a local farmhand. "I saw them from a distance, there must have been a couple of thousand of them "

According to Mos Eisley Port security who was monitoring radio traffic in the area, the mercenaries were coordinating the Tusken Raiders. “I suppose that’s how that merchant ship found the Sandpeople,” said Sergent Koroth of Port Security Corp.

“We lucked out,” said Vinz “A merchant who does business in the area and is friends with Ben showed up. The Sundancer [the merchant’s starship] was pretty well armed and the crew were obviously combat veterans. They pitched in to help the town out”

The Sundancer flew to where the Raiders were assymbling to scout out the situation. That’s when, what Mr. Farrouk describes as a Force wizard, flung a dewback into the Sundancer’s engine damaging it. “This guy was dressed in black robes and he raised his hands in the air in front of the dewback. That’s when the beast shot straight up into the air at the starship. It was the most incredible thing I ever saw”

The starship then began firing into the crowed of sandpeople scattering them then turned and flew back to Anchorhead. According to Mr. Farrouk about half of the sandpeople fled back into the Dune Sea while the other half immediately charged towards the town.

“We were waiting for them though,” says Mr. Vinz. “We had barricaded and fortified the town center. We placed snipers and booby traps all along the lanes into town so as they charged into town we whittled their numbers down. By the time they reached the town center we had cut their numbers in half.”

“The crew of the Sundancer were well armed and when they sandpeople reached the town center they really slaughtered them. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without them, they helped man the barricades and they used their starship as air support. They even helped with wounded.”

After a 45 minute siege the Tuken Raiders fled the town. The Sundancer then helped ferry the wounded to the hospital in Mos Eisley.

“I saw the sandpeople flee back into the desert, they were pretty battered,” said Mr. Farrouk “I don’t think they will come back anytime soon”

The unknown bounty hunter never returned to Anchorhead and her current whereabouts are unknown. The fate of the Force wizard is also unknown.

Attack on Anchorhead

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