Battle of Kamino

Battle of Kamino
From the Journal of Talus Fyurron, Rebel Force Commando
Rebels 1, Empire 0

The space battle over Kamino was fierce and fractious. I could almost taste the Ion and Turbolaser blasts from inside the cockpit of my Nimbus fighter. Tie after Tie jumped in our flight path, and the Sundancer and I were able to put them down…or force them out of our way. Nearing the planet, my job was to help take out the defense batteries that would prevent the Sundancer from approaching the remote landing platform that was our destination.

My missiles were on target, and racing in we approached the city under siege with little resistance on our vector. “Mission is a GO! Special Detail…let’s do it.”

Docking with the Sundancer quickly, I was able to be piggybacked through the city’s shield generator using our ship’s enhanced ability to penetrate high energy shielding. We landed on the seemingly abandoned platform and gathered our strength to go look for our target: A rebel Spy with a tracking signal we needed to find and extract info from.

We entered the nearest city portal to find out why the platform we landed on was abandoned. The nearest dome contained a city park environment, with many trees and layers of grass: Definitely a non-essential area. We began moving quickly towards the city tram which links the many domes together for the Kaminoans. As we neared the Tram we encountered the biggest passle of Stormtroopers I’ve seen in a while.

The big shocker wasn’t all the troopers in white however. It was the Dark Lord himself, Darth Vader. Big Breather we used to call him in flight training. Although in retrospect we maybe shouldn’t have called him that now that I actually know what the Force is and realize what it can do under a Master’s control.

Either way…our first fight commenced.

Our little “Dark Jawa” immediately starts acting like a Findli Trunk-chewer in heat and starts in on the trees with his light-saber using them to knock over as many troopers as possible. Salamar Drass immediately picked up on the idea and grabbed one of the fallen trees and tossed it in Darth Vader’s direction. By this time I had barely ignited my double lightsaber and was desperately blocking blaster bolts, and occasionally get a swing on a few close Troopers. Looking back at the Drass/Vader battle had me confused. Vader had pulled a metal girder from a wall nearby and was parrying and reposting the tree trunk that Drass was swinging at him. The fight would have been funny if it hadn’t been life or death.

Around that time the entire city shook and quaked. Everybody stopped what they were doing and dodged falling debris as power outages caused the lights to flicker and go out. In the ensuing chaos Darth Vader disappeared either with his troopers, or more likely left them fallen where they lay. We later learned the mighty Rebel Starship Salvation had been crashed into the city’s shields. It was a sad but successful end to a useful warship.

Realizing we had to leave the area immediately we headed for the Tram in the darkness and boarded everyone safely. Pushing the tram to its maximum speed we moved towards our goal and the more stable, and fortified, center of the city.

We managed to sneak our way into the detention area of the city, mostly because the Imperial forces were directly engaged to Rebels that had finally managed to penetrate the city’s shield thanks to the Salvation’s sacrifice.

We managed to find the Rebel spy, who had been found out and was in the middle of being interrogated. Removing the interrogators, we extracted the grateful spy who proceeded to offer us a prize: a Deputy Director of the ISF! He was on his way now to evacuate in one of the city’s main hangers.

We had a choice: we could either fight our way through the Imperial forces, tired as we were, or we could climb to the top of the Detention Facility’s tower and rappel down towards the hangar door. We climbed.

After starting our decent, we were still accosted by some annoying Jump Troopers with jump packs. Tromph sliced one in half using his jedi talents for movement, and I simply tried to blast a couple with Force Lightning. One managed to Dodge my blast, but another trooper I hit directly on its Jump Pack fuel line. The Force of the nearby explosion nearly knocked us all off our perches, and annihilated the trooper. The remaining trooper ran for it, and we quickly headed down towards the open bay door.

A shuttle was heading out of the bay just as we arrived, and with only a moment’s look of regret (I assume regret as I have never seen my Jawa companion Skriz’s face actually) he and Tromph jumped out and onto the shuttles windscreen. Mitchell, Salamar, and I swung into the bay and were immediately stared at by at least a Legion of troopers. You could hear a Bantha Poodoo drop right then.

We immediately took the fight to the enemy looking for our ISF target. Mitchell opened up his Heavy Blaster rifle at the biggest group and started asking troopers to duck. Repeatedly. Salamar charged, lightsaber blazing, at a small combat-walker loaded with missiles that was starting to turn our way. I went for maximum chaos, spotted an untended fuel line in the distance, and blasted it with Force Lighting. The fuel line erupted with flames and started flailing…well, like a snake that was on fire.

Things were finally starting to turn bad on us, when the Sundancer flew into the bay out of nowhere and let loose with its belly turbolaser. “That platform was too unstable, and I figured you guys needed a hand!” Sorilea’s voice came over our comm’s like sweet music.

Once the troopers surrendered and we had the hanger in hand, Tromph and Skriz came back with the missing shuttle and the almost escaped ISF man. Oddly the shuttle had two holes in its windscreen. One small and round, the other was … shall we say … jawa shaped?

We immediately packed our prisoners into the remaining undamaged Imperial shuttle and took off with the Sundancer for the Rebel fleet in orbit, which we found to already be celebrating their first major victory over the Empire. About damn time I say!

This is only the beginning. The ending will be so much sweeter.

Suck on that one Emperor.
Rebels 1, Empire 0.

Battle of Kamino

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