Battle of Mon Calimar

Every con-man struggles to find the ultimate score to find the ultimate score, the one that will set their reputation for the ages. Most don’t consider what happens when they pull off a legendary deed early in their career. Do they let it define their life, or do they move on to something bigger.

We had been tasked with assisting the Rebellion in liberating the planet of Mon Calamar. When we arrived the forces stacked against us looked pretty grim. Two Star Destroyers, one undergoing refit, a planetside garrison and planetary shield. We decided that the best course of action would be if we could force the Imperial forces to leave the planet, then the Rebellion and those Mon Calmari who were resisting Imperial rule could seize the planet.

We decided that the best way to attack would be to force the Imperials to evacuate the planet. We would trigger one of the planetary power generators into looking like it would meltdown, causing massive environmental damage, and triggering an evacuation. We would also lure the Star Destroyer into chaisng the Sundancer, and take advantage of its unique gravity well penetrating properties to lure it into crashing into the shield, which we could harmlessly pass through.

Once planetside, and in contact with the resistance, we decided that an airdrop on the power station was your best entrance strategy. Using the Rouge Shadow’s stealth mode we dropped into one of the exhaust pipes, using environmental suits to survive the extreme conditions,. Once in the bowels of the facility, we neutralized the few guards we encountered and secured the power core. I disguised myself as a Stormtrooper, and stood guard, while Skriz and the rest of the team secured the systems and triggered the meltdown sequence.

This prompted a response from a technical team and some more Stormtroopers. Through clever use of force powers, plus the environmental gear allowing the core to be flooded with dangerous radiation, we were able to stall them and convince them, to trigger the planetary evacuation. While the rest of the team split to get back to Sundancer for phase two of the operation. I use my infiltration of the Stormtroopers to talk my way on to an escape shuttle, and eventually talk my way onto the Star Destroyer undergoing refit. Once there I was able to overwhelm the command crew and lock down the ship. I was also able to have Juno Eclipse and the Rouge Shadow board, and help finish securing the ship.

Meanwhile the Sundancer had engaged the Star Destroyer, drawing it into a trap, while facing off and dispatching several TIE fighter squadrons. Eventually the bulk of the Star Destroyer was pulled into the gravity of the planet, and it became too late for it to turn. The Sundancer pushed through the shield, and the chasing ship impacted it. At that point I opened fire on it with the other Star Destroyer weapons, finishing of its destruction. After that it was a simple matter to round up the remaining Imperial forces, and free the planet.

So there go, probably our most successful mission, going exactly according to plan. Except for me, it has triggered an existential crisis. After, all I conned my way into possession of a Star Destroyer. What con do I pursue next? Do I try to steal something even bigger or something smaller but with more value. Whatever the case, I can certainly use this exploit for free drinks.

Battle of Mon Calimar

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