Driving While Duros

When we last left our intrepid heroes they had managed to subdue the civilian Contractors who were assigned to fix the alarm malfunction at the Imperial Sensor Net station. The technicians were then stuffed into an equipment locker, rigged up to a gas grenade to put them back to sleep if they started to wake up.

Using the stolen speeder truck, and their forged credentials the party approached the checkpoint leading into the facility. In order to gain entry, the party disguised itself, with Mitchell and Salamar pretending to be repair technicians, Skriz hidden in a confiscated R5 Unit (stolen from Greedo) and piloting by remote control, and Tromph hidden in a toolbox.

When the team arrived at the checkpoint guarding access to the station, the fake I.D.s survived scrutiny, but the guards insisted on scanning the truck for life signs (an unexpected complication). Quick thinking and programming by Skriz was able to make their life detector act erratically, showing up false readings, causing the guards to believe their equipment was malfunctioning. The team was then led into the bunker.

After being escorted into the facility the team met the Imperial Intelligence Officer in charge of the Sensor Net operation at the facility. They attempted to bluff their way past him, and appeared to succeed, yet he seemed suspicious of them, though it may have been the top secret nature of his job. He then assigned a sensor technician to watch the team.

To succeed the Rebels needed the destruction of the facility to look like an accident. The most effective way to accomplish this was to overload the power core. Skriz thought he could arrange this, but the group needed direct access to the power core, which was not possible from the control room the group had been taken too.

Under the pretext of performing a diagnostic, the team accessed the bases computers and faked a report that indicated that there were unusual and dangerous fluctuations in the power core causing the security system to malfunction. This allowed the Rebels to be escorted directly to the Core. But before leaving the control room, Skriz, disguised as an R5 Unit managed to steal the location of all the Imperial interdiction ships tied into the sensor net.

(Although this data would quickly become useless once the facility was destroyed, it would be useful in the aftermath, as Imperial policy would likely dictate that the ships remain at their current posts until issued new orders. This assumption was based on the fact that Imperial naval doctrine does not seem to encourage individual general officer initiative).

The power core was a four story structure suspended over a deep cave that lead to an underground river. The cave serves as a safety device; in case the coolant system on the power core failed the entire core could be dropped hundred of feet below into the river to prevent it from overheating and melting down. Once escorted to the power core Skriz began making the necessary modifications to sabotage the power core by disabling the cooling system and the drop release. While Skriz worked Salamar and Mitchell attempted to look competent at repairing the core.

After several minutes the technician with them got suspicious of their activities and stated that he was going to go get his supervisor to look at their work. At that point the action was taking to silence the technician by pushing him down the power core. This was effective (and proved that Imperial Sensor Technicians do not possess the power of flight).

This had two immediate consequences: First, was that the escort guards by the entrance heard the technician’s “man down” beacon. One ran to get help and the other came down and wanted to know what happened. Not accepting the bluff that the facility was built over an ancient Indian burial ground, and forced the technician to jump, the party interest responded with a laconic “this”, and pushed the guard over as well. The second was that when the guard was falling, he shot his blaster rifle and damaged the coolant lines of the power core, shortening the time it would take for the reactor to go critical. Instead of having 10 minutes to run for it once the sequence was started, the heroes now only had 6. Of course, by now their cover was close to being blown, so the only thing to do was start the count sequence and book it.

In the corridor just outside the power core the party ran into a squad of Imperial soldiers and the base commander. At that point there was nothing left but to break out the bunny. Tromph jumped out the tool box and proceed to introduce some Imperials the pointy side of the force. The rest of the team engaged in a pitched blaster battle, but eventually neutralized all resistance. The dead Imperials were drug into the power core in hopes that the explosions would incinerate the corpses, and their incriminating blaster wounds, as well as any signs of the gunfight. The team retrieved the van, unloaded the drugged contractors, and arranged them near the edge of the explosion, too further cast doubt on the cause. The party then piled into Greedo’s car and headed back to the spaceport.

When they arrived at the space port a great commotion occurred as Cad Bane and his forces were in the middle of roughing up Greedo. Greedo put the finger on the rebels, and Cad Bane unleashed some IG-86 droids on them.

A chase through the spaceport insured, as the members of the group fought with the IG-86 droids. Using some fancy driving, the rebels reached their ship and fought off the droids. They blew one of the IG-86s off the land speeder by opening the trunk, sideswiped another and then breaking so the other one landed inside the ship. Bane and his men were intercepted by starport security preventing him from catching up to the Rebels before they made it to their ship.

As they were preparing for takeoff, Greedo managed to climb aboard before the door completely closed. Taking pity on him, the party decided to drop him off at the nearest convenient planet (for the party, not him).

Once in orbit the Sundancer was pursued by Cad Bane’s ship. Using the intelligence they stole from the Sensor Net station the rebels identified the coordinates of a rather heavily armed Imperial interdiction ship, who would certainly be helpful in detaining Cad Bane.

Spoofing the Sundancer’s IFF to an Imperial setting, the party jumped to the location of the Interdictor, convinced it that the Sundancer was an Imperial Transport being chased by dangerous criminals, and that they should detain the next ship to jump in after it. The Sundancer then jumped out and took a roundabout trip through several systems, dropping off Greedo somewhere out of the way, before returning to Dantooine.

While traveling to base the party investigated the force infused box recovered from Batts’ storage locker. It turned out to be a Jedi holocron, which could be assembled through the use of the Force. When completed, it revealed a record of information on possible locations of the Kaiburr Crystal, a powerful Jedi Artifact. This information would allow the party to start their own search for this Jedi relic.

In addition, the party scavenged a number of pieces of equipment from the mission including one land speeder (Greedo’s), one R-5 unit (Greedo’s), one IG-86 droid, and various small arms and munitions, as well as expensive tea (Greedo’s).

Driving While Duros

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