Greedo's Bad Day

On the planet Dantooine is an ancient Jedi Temple. Here, for the last two years, Jedi Master Rahm Kota has been secretly training a group of Force sensitive heroes honing their skills with the Force and turning them into a team.

Kota has just returned from a months long secret mission. He has brought with him General Jan Dodonna, a leader in the newly formed Rebel Alliance. Kota has offered the Alliance assistance and wants to use Dantooine as a staging area for the Rebels.

Unfortunately, the Empire has deployed a fleet in a picket along the Braxtan Run hyperspace route near Dantooine to crack down on smuggling. The picket is maintained and coordinated by a hyperspace sensor net. Any ships passing through the net are intercepted by Imperial Interdicters and their credentials are verified and they are searched if necessary. This sensor net will cut off the initial supply line needed to build the new Rebel base on Dantooine before it even gets started.

General Dodonna tells the Heroes that the main Control Station for the Sensor Net is located on the planet Argovia. He says that it would be a simple matter to send a military strike to destroy the Control Station, but that would lead the Empire to increase their presence in the area, making the problem worse. The Station must be destroyed, but it must look like an accident so that the Empire will suspect nothing.

Rahm Kota announces that the Heroes are to form a covert operations team to deal with this problem. General Dodonna tells the Heroes that they that will go to Argovia, infiltrate the Control Station and sabotage it in such a way that the power core for the station will overload and explode, making the Station unusable and shutting down the Sensor Net. He emphasizes that this must look like an industrial accident, and that the Team can leave no trace of their involvement in the meltdown.

The Team are given a 70 year old Corellian Republic Cruiser, called the Sundancer, and a cargo of fresh produce to act as their cover story. The ship is outfitted with an CLL-15 series cargo/labor droid, Steward, and a V-35 landspeeder. The Heroes are also given 5000 credits with which to buy forged passes and security codes for the Control Station from a contact named Batts. A meeting has been arranged at a casino in Argovia City.

The Team travels to Argovia, Salamar bluffing our way through the Sensor Net embargo, and land safely in Argovia City. Scrapheap bypasses the monitoring on the planetary network, giving the team access to valuable information. They search the network and eventually find a maintenance contractor that has old information on personnel and schematics for the Control Station. With this information, they decide to pose as a maintenance crew to sabotage the Station.

During the search, Mitchell uses his contacts to check for any Black Sun presence on the planet. He hears a rumor about a Rodian bounty hunter named Greedo working for the Black Sun being on the planet, but the rumor says that he is fairly incompetent.

Salamar and Tromph also notice a presence in the Force, but are unable to tell exactly where or what it is.

With a plan forming, and several leads, Salamar and Mitchell head to the casino to meet with Batts. Tromph decides to track down the Force anomaly. Scrapheap stays on the ship to keep looking for information on the network and to sell produce to keep up the team’s cover story.

Mitchell and Salamar arrive at the casino, but Batts is nowhere to be found. Questioning the bartender, they find out that Batts left about 3 hours ago with a Rodian and some rough looking humans. She says that Batts didn’t look too happy about leaving, either.

Meanwhile, Tromph has managed to track the presence to a warehouse full of storage sheds. He pinpoints the location, but it is guarded by a squad of old Trade Federation droids. He telepathically relays the location and storage number to Salamar, who convinces the kushibann to come back for it later.

Using the storage number, Scrapheap is able to find out that the storage shed is leased to a Sttabs, or Batts backwards. He then hacks into the Argovia City security system and uses the street surveillance camera records to find when Batts left the casino. He sees Batts being forced into a landspeeder, and follows the speeder using the camera footage. The speeder eventually ends up at the Space Port, parked in front of the bay of a ship registered to Greedo. Scrapheap puts a false Port lock on the ship to prevent Greedo from possibly running with Batts.

The team quickly decides to shakedown Greedo by impersonating Port Authority security personnel, and Mitch uses his contacts to secure a couple of Port Authority uniforms. The team then heads to Greedo’s dock.

While Salamar and Mitchell con Greedo into letting them on the ship, Tromph and Scrapheap sneak up to the ship. Tromph sneaks onto the ship through the ventilation shafts to try and locate Batts, and Scrapheap stays below the ship to sabotage the repulsor lifts, ensuring that Greedo isn’t going anywhere.

Greedo lets Mitchell and Salamar on his ship, and the two immediately start inspecting his cargo, claiming that they might have to confiscate some of it if it is illegal or contaminated. Greedo nervously allows this, and keeps looking at his commlink. Mitchell and Salamar “confiscate” an R5 droid, a cache of weapons, and Greedo’s personal supply of tea.

While Greedo is busy letting Salamar and Mitchell rob him blind, Scrapheap hears a noise from the side of the ship. He sees two men exit a nearby outbuilding carrying a tied up Batts to the landspeeder from earlier. As the speeder begins to pull away, Scrapheap throws a wrench at the vehicle, causing thick smoke to pour out of the engine and disabling it. Greedo’s henchmen grab Batts and run away on foot. Scrapheap signals the rest of the team, telling Tromph to follow him and pursues the men.

As Greedo is continuing to stall Tom and Mitchell, he gets a call on his commlink. It’s another bounty hunter that Greedo calls Bane. Bane accuses Greedo of trying to steal his bounty, and threatens Greedo that if he tries to leave the planet, Bane will hunt him down. Bane says he will arrive on Argovia in one day. Greedo turns pale, and asks Salamar and Mitchell to leave. As they are leaving, they “confiscate” Greedo’s broken landspeeder for inspection and repair, saying that they might be able to return it to him. They signal Steward to come pick up the confiscated items and then take the Sundancer’s landspeeder to catch up to the rest of the team.

Scrapheap and Tromph have chased Greedo’s henchmen to a series of large loading cranes near the space port. They jump into an elevator to head up to the top of one of the cranes, hoping to use the cranes as a path to a nearby aircraft and freedom. Scrapheap cuts power to the lift, but the goons continue up by climbing the scaffolding. Tromph climbs up after them while Scrapheap works on getting the elevator back down to the ground.

Salamar and Mitchell catch up to the scene and they ride the elevator to the top with Scrapheap. As they arrive, Greedo’s henchmen have gotten about halfway across the first crane arm with Tromph close behind. The henchman not carrying Batts stops and begins firing on the team with his blaster. Tromph cuts the blaster barrel in two with his lightsaber and then tackles the henchman. Salamar uses the Force to confuse the other henchman. This causes the henchman to stop running, but now he begins yelling at Batts about the location of some artifact.

The henchman Tromph had tackled activates his rocket boots and flies straight up carrying Tromph with him. Tromph climbs down the man and manages to slide one of the rocket boots off, riding it back to the crane while the henchman flies out of control and crashes into the ground.

Batts, scared for his life, tells the other goon the location and number for his storage shed. The henchman sets Batts down on the crane and then activates his rocket boots, flying towards the other cranes. He accidentally bumps into Batts when he lifts off, causing Batts to fall off the crane. Luckily for Batts and the Heroes, Batts falls into an open crate of the produce that Scrapheap had been selling, for a somewhat safe landing. Mitchell manages to hit the fleeing henchman with a couple of well placed shots, causing him to fall to the ground as well.

The team heads back down in the elevator and collect Batts. Scrapheap also collects the rocket boots off of the dead henchmen, not wanting to let good tech go to waste.

Back at the Sundancer, Batts tells them that the force presence in his storage shed is an artifact that he stole from the leader of the Black Sun, Xizor. He tells the Heroes that they can have it, and the security codes and any forgeries they need for this mission if they will get him off of Argovia.

The heroes decide it’s time to start their main mission. Scrapheap and Tromph go with Batts to collect the artifact and anything Batts wants to take with him, and then Tromph heads to the Control Station to begin repeatedly setting off their perimeter alarm over night. Salamar and Mitchell use Mitchell’s contacts once again to buy some gas grenades. Once Scrapheap and Batts return with the artifact, Scrapheap repairs Greedo’s landspeeder and begins retrofitting the R5 droid, pulling out the major components and making it nothing more than a can on treads that he can control from inside.

The next morning, the team monitors the maintenance call that goes out from the Control Station and prepares to intercept the crew sent to answer the call. Salamar uses his shape shifting abilities to assume the role of the damsel in distress, stranded outside the city next to Greedo’s “broken” landspeeder. When the maintenance truck stops, Salamar approaches them and drops a gas grenade in through the window. One of the crew tries to get out of the truck, but Mitchell and his stun rod fix that issue.

Salamar and Mitchell take the crew’s uniforms, Scrapheap hides inside the R5 shell, and Tromph the kushibann hides inside a toolbox. The session ends with the team about to infiltrate the Control Station, the now uniformless maintenance workers stashed in one of their own equipment compartments, gassed and unconcious.

Greedo's Bad Day

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