The cockpit of the disabled Tie fighter was getting colder as it spun lazily through the debris field.

Anger, hatred, and revenge were my only companions. Death was almost as close, but I held it in check for now as I seethed at the sight of my quickly departing companions aboard the Star Destroyers Hunter and Tracker.

Calming my-self, I set up a rescue comm signal, but didn’t think I was going to be found any time soon. An hour ticked by before I saw the glimmer of a ship coming out of Hyper-Space.
I knew instantly it was a junk scavenger. It was there to strip the debris field of anything that might be valuable. It approached with its shield’s up and an old turbo laser charged. Markings on the side of the ship in Huttese gave the ship a designation of The Sarlacc’s Maw. The cockpit of the other ship was clearly visible now, and a horned Xabrak male looked back at me casually.


I replied easily enough. I had no real way to save myself, my air was almost gone, and I was shivering with the cold.

“Aye, I’m alive-for now. Are you with the pirates or are you an independent?” An audible guffaw was my only answer.

“Fine then Master of the Maw, bring me aboard, and I’ll help you any way I can for a ride…”

His reaction was acidic, “NO! No imperial aboard my ship! Never!” I thought I even heard a spitting noise.

I stabbed the comm button hard and replied a little too angrily as I stared at him through the cracked cockpit window, “You WILL comply.” A few seconds passed and then I heard the wooden response: “I will…comply.” At the time I didn’t get the idea of what happened, as I was just too grateful to be alive and my mind awash with the possibilities of all the revenge I could take out on my former compatriots.

The Maw had only its master and a few Droids to work it. I “convinced” the Xabrak, who called himself Gorsht, to give me a ride back to a Hutt system in exchange for my aid in finding the juiciest bits of flotsam from the space battle. He reluctantly agreed.

When we arrived he tried to sell me into slavery, but I managed to keep my trusty Blaster Pistol well at hand. So when he finally attempted to capture me while I slept, I removed the offender’s head, and took the Maw for my own.

I traveled for a while and planned. I knew I had to be careful. I sold off all the bits of scrap and most of the Maw’s droids by the time I landed in THAT bar. I couldn’t tell you what day or planet it was. It was just another dirty cantina, with nasty drinks. I was planning and brooding, stewing in my hate as I drank, when the old man walked up to me.

“You certainly dislike something pretty bad. What makes you so angry?”

He was wearing worn light infantry style armor over old clothes. After seeing his scarred eyes, I quickly realized he was blind.

“What would you know," I joked,"are you some sort of Jedi?” The next words nearly made me choke on the piss-swill I was drinking.

“Yes, I am. Don’t tell anybody, will you?”

That’s how it began: I was connected to the Force. I should have been tested years ago. Join the Rebellion…Bla-Bla-Bla.

It was like lightning struck me however. I knew then my revenge was at hand. The Empire would fall. I would be the Sword of the Rebellion that stabs its heart. Screw the Jedi and the Sith. I would be better than both and beholden to none but myself.

My Triumph was to spite my fate.

I survived, so the Empire WILL fall.

No other conclusion can be reached.


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