Prison of Peace

Mitchell’s Interlude

You learn a lot about yourself in Imperial prison. You learn that Imps are assholes, and that to them, you’re just a number. You learn that you can’t trust criminals. You learn that even burned food tastes bad if you’re starving. One thing you don’t learn is how to get revenge.

Imperial Officers tried to get to sell out my Black Sun brethren. They offered me steak dinners, conjugal visits with beautiful women, they even offered me freedom and an early release if I sold out my friends. In prison, you learn most of all that friendship is invaluable.

When I was in there, all I could think about was getting back in to the world so that I could take down the Black Sun myself. I plotted and schemed and honestly drove myself crazy thinking about it. I had a friend on the outside that would write me letters, telling me to “stay strong” and that “everything will be okay when I get out”. I would write him back, telling him my ideas of how to really bring down Black Sun and how that if I was leader, I would run things differently and no one would ever get caught or go to jail for me. I wanted so much to get out and build my own empire from the ground up. I knew people, and I knew that I would be different.

Then one night, I had a vision. I was in a sort of temple and I was learning how to control my anger, and use The Force from a great Jedi Master. The next day, I was released from prison, and I didn’t want to kill anyone to get revenge or build my own empire. I wanted to find this Jedi and learn from him. I wanted to put aside my past life and become a better person.

Prison of Peace

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