Raxus Coda

After hours in the darkness of the tunnels beneath the old Separatist Base, the rebels prepared to overcome their opposition above the two drains they were hiding beneath. Storm Troopers and Imperial techs wandered the open area oblivious to the six apprentices beneath their feet as their attention was focused on the normal tasks at hand.

Opening the inevitable battle would be the privilege of the rebels, and they took it seriously. A group of Storm Troopers working on a disabled probe droid were unprepared for a grappling hook pulling it from their midst, and Sorilea’s perfectly timed grenade instantly killing one trooper. The rebels took advantage of the confusion they had sown and emerged to harry the remaining troopers in their path. Tromph, the Kushiban Jedi, started it off from there as a whirlwind of destruction easily cutting a single Storm Trooper in half with his diminutive but powerful Light-saber, after coming out of the second drain hatch. Quickly he was followed by Salamar Drass the shape-shifter looking decidedly human, female, and wielding a wicked looking Force Pike that impaled another trooper.

An Anti-Aircraft cannon emplacement protected the courtyard, aimed to protect only from airborne threats, and thankfully useless versus their ground assault. Despite the unpleasant surprise, the rebels continued their attack – even more determined to win through to their objectives.

With Mitchell screaming obscenities and Sorilea blasting away with a repeating blaster at more troopers, the remaining rebels emerged. Talus, an ex-imperial, avoided the carnage in favor of guarding from any more unpleasant surprises. He also carefully aimed some potshots at the troopers, just to keep them on their toes. Skriz, his trusty grapple gun reloaded, pulled a trooper from a nearby walkway with a quick pull and a short scream. Tromph split the other gunner at the AA gun in half, as Mitchell shot the nearby shield emitter power generator, bringing down the imperial protection shield overhead with a snap. The Imperials were down to only a few remaining troopers when new activity came from an unexpected area: the nearby roof of the Fortress.

Blasters from five fresh troopers focused at the most obvious threat: Tromph and his energetic Lightsaber. Unable to dodge them all, Tromph was injured, while the rebels behind the emplacement gun cleverly dodged the grenade that landed in their midst. Sorilea, ran to aid the others near the door and took a blaster hit from one of the original guards.

Talus looked around and decided to open a fresh can of whoop-ass on the new imperials. Talus stepped into the open, to draw fire from his injured companion. He Telekinetically blasted one trooper off the walkway, giving him a moment or two to adjust to his impending death at the end of a long fall. While the trooper (presumably) contemplated the inadvisability of placing walkways near cliffs, Talus lifted his repeating blaster and laid down a covering fire on the troopers overhead.

The imperials pushed their attack, missing Tromph and Skriz, but injuring the brave Talus. Despite his injuries, Talus continued his covering fire. Salamar rifled through the nearby trooper corpses for a fresh supply of grenades, while Sorilea launched another grenade (where is she pulling these from, again?) killing one of the troopers on the roof. Skriz tossed a grenade, but the troopers dodged the blast.

Focused now, Mitchell turned to the lone original guard, but the cowardly trooper hid behind the wreckage of the shield emitter. With a Force boost, Tromph leapt gracefully to the walkway above, moving ever closer, like the rabbit of doom, to the troopers above. Sorilea exchanged some blaster fire, and remained free from injury. Unfortunately, the trooper she fired at was as lucky. The troopers’ luck didn’t last though, as their numbers were whittled down. Big-mouthed Mitchell claimed the last troopers’ life, and the field was won.

The triumphant rebels patched up wounds and doled out grenades, preparing for the next stage of their assault. Sorilea worked to open the blast door, but was distracted as an Imperial shuttle flew by overhead, vanishing from sight almost as soon as they saw it. Would the shuttle carry more troops, or was it coming to take away the man they wanted to find?

Once inside, the Jawa and Kushiban separated to find the information they had been looking for, while the rest of the group headed toward the detention cells to rescue a potentially valuable prisoner. They knew, however, that whether or not they made off with this mysterious prisoner, they must provide a distraction that could help their companions make off with the data.

On their way to the detention center, Salamar outlined an ingenious plan. Unfortunately, it was as though the troopers had listened in. An ambush! The trap closed with the doors of the lift, leaving our brave rebels exposed to fresh troops and an emplaced gun. Salamar took the brunt of the ambush, and when she fell, the others leapt into action! Mitchell, also wounded, dragged Salamar out of the line of fire, while Sorilea threw a double fist of grenades down the hallway. The narrow path amplified the blast, killing most of the ambushing troopers in the first wave.

Suddenly, Rahm Kota appeared with a flourish of his light-saber. He took on the troops at the far end of the hallway, drawing all their focus from the team. Talus charged recklessly (when has he NOT been reckless?) after the remaining trooper, and came face to face with a unique sight. Multiple troopers held blast shields, a pair of those nasty Sith Guards with their equally nasty Light-saber Pikes, and a solitary prisoner in shackles at the back of the cell.

Talus didn’t hesitate, but it was as though the Sith had expected him to come knocking. The trooper was launched into Talus, knocking him to the floor. Sorilea cautiously approached the the open door, but did not want to get between the combatants and hung back, waiting for a good opening.

Talus blasted those below, without even moving, both telekinetically and with his blaster. Successfully wreaking havoc below him, Talus was relieved to see Salamar approaching the door. The shape-shifting wonder finished off the injured Sith Guard who had emerged from the cell. In the nick of time, Master Kota swept down the hall and took off the head of the other Sith Guard.

Entering the cell, the brave group stopped in their tracks as the sole survivor threatened the prisoner. Salamar, showing her versatility, spoke with calm determination, reasoning her way through the troopers blind panic, and convinced him to give up his weapon. He was taken into custody and listened in horror as he was told that he would be turned over to the Jawas for punishment.

While this was happening, the Kushiban and Jawa found their way to the data terminals. Despite heavy guards, Tromph’s Light-saber gave our rebels the clear upper hand. Skriz quickly downloaded the data, and they rejoined the others.

Rohm Kota explained to his apprentices that he had followed the bounty hunter to the planet in hopes of rescuing the prisoner involved: former Jedi Knight Quinlan Voss. Voss had been hunting traces of lost Jedi after the purge. Further revelation made the identity of the Bounty Hunter to be Aura Sing, former Jedi apprentice who is currently employed by a mysterious patron. The patron, in disfavor with the Emperor, is now seeking a specific lost Jedi in hopes of regaining the Emperor’s trust.

Shortly after a diplomatic ship from Alderaan arrived at Raxus Prime and negotiated the evacuation of the rest of the Imperial Garrison and the Sinar Fleet System employees leaving the Jawa the sole rulers of the junk planet.

Over the next week, the group started repairs to the Sundancer with the Jawas aid. Strangely this revealed to the group that their ship has a unknown past and an unusual configuration to its unusual bulkheads. Determined to find out more, and desperate to return to Dantooine with their prizes, they quickly leave Raxus Prime behind…

Raxus Coda

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