Raxus Prime

Raxus Prime is a waste-covered planet in the Raxus system. A crumbling city-world, it is packed with toxic debris and has a poisonous surface. Once a beautiful ecumenopolis planet as great as Coruscant is now, it lied within the ancient Kingdom of Cron and served as one of the three capitals governing the kingdom and eventually one of the throne worlds of Xim the Despot.

During the time of the Old Republic the decaying planet was mostly abandoned and used as a junkyard for most of the major corporations and trade groups. During the Clone Wars the planet served as the first military headquarters for the Separatist forces.

About a year ago the Empire conquered Raxus Prime and built an orbital shipyard and used the planets metals to construct new Star Destroyers. Just several months ago Rham Kota’s late apprentice destroyed the shipyards and the planetary ore cannon. In the aftermath the planets native Jawa population rallied and took control of the imperial facilities that were abandoned.

Now only a single Imperial facility is left on the planet and the Empire, desperately trying to support and maintain it, are thwarted by the Jawas completion of a second ore cannon that was under construction before the shipyards were destroyed. A team of Stormtroopers have been deployed to destroy the Jawa defense of the world.

Raxus Prime

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