Scrapyard Scrape-Up

Happy and headstrong after its first real victory against the Empire, and cozy in its new secret base, the new Rebellion begins making their next move. Deciding to again use the new apprentices of the Rebel Jedi, General Rahm Kota, they begin bravely taking even more covert actions against the Empire.

Sent to the Raxus System to recover information from a very old Separatist base there, the apprentices come out of hyperspace and are quickly met by a TIE-fighter squadron dispatched from the small Imperial detachment on Raxus Prime. Using the debris field surrounding the planet, the crew of the Sundancer manages to avoid most of the TIE’s attacks and eventually finishes off the six TIEs with the Sundancer’s two turbo lasers before any heavy damage is sustained to their vessel.

Scanning the planet, the apprentices guesstimate a probable location of one of the two major Jawa Clans, and land as close as they dare. Heading over quickly in their land speeder, and all wearing ventilator-masks against the noxious gases of Raxus Prime, the apprentices find the location deserted except for some smoking storm troopers that are picked clean, and a crashed dreadnought of very old vintage turned into a Jawa-Style living quarters.

The three more enterprising apprentices: “Scrapheap”Skriz the Jawa, Tromph the Kushiban, and Salamar Drass the Clawdite face-shifter; entered the main entrance of the Jawa compound only to find it deserted too.

Not more than a few minutes passed when the trap closed on the unsuspecting three. Disgorging junk-droids by the dozens, the ship became a death-trap quite quickly as most of the ship’s pressure doors closed automatically, sealing them inside with the mechanical monstrosities.

The three began calling over their comms for assistance, so the two remaining apprentices outside the trapped ship began trying to get in. Sorilea the Twi’lek begins whipping out tools to by-pass the heavy door, while Talus the human pilot and former Imperial, drew his blasters and looked on in dismay while cries of help and pain echoed from their comms.

Inside, the trio were surrounded and beset from all sides. The Droids used everything from crude nets, bits of blasters, and sharp vibro-knives to attack the three. Managing to hold their own at first, things quickly went downhill. Tromph cut through the nets with his small lightsaber at first, allowing his companions to begin taking the offensive to the Droids. Skriz used his few grenades, tossing them to best effect, and Salamar began swinging about with his Pike. Droid parts flew. Eventually there were too many attacks for them all to avoid and they began taking bigger hits as nets and minor damage started slowing them down.

After several tries, Sorilea manages the outside door, allowing Talus to at last start taking blaster shots at the Junk-Droids closest to the door. Ignored for the time being is the rumbling of a distant trash-covered building nearby, its rust covered mass shaking as if in an earthquake.
Seeing his comrades in major distress, Talus moves to the door and unleashes an anger-fueled telekinetic Force Burst, luckily destroying or damaging nearly a dozen of the simple droids in a single blast while not hurting his companions.

Sorilea now sees the cause of the mini-quakes as it crests the hill nearby. It is a Jawa Sand-Crawler with large crab-like mechanical legs! This Jawa Junk-Crawler, begins moving ponderously towards the open door, when Sorilea jumps in front of it in order to get the Jawa’s attentions.
Flipping her green Lekku in the air she starts jumping and yelling that they aren’t imperials here to destroy them. Whether it was her voice, or some other part of her that got their attention, the Jawas stopped and so did the Droids by comm command.

Quickly parleying with Sorilea, Drass, and Skriz, the Jawas agree to help the rebels and take them to their main base-camp, in exchange for helping to repair their droids, and some of the Sundancer’s cargo.

Having left Mitchell to watch the Sundancer because he slept through the space battle with the TIEs, he easily ferried the Dancer to the Jawa’s main base in order to meet up with everybody and give them the gifts they brought to exchange for help .Tons of food and fresh water were given, and directions, promises, advice, a few grenades, and a broken-down but functional V-Wing fighter were given by the Jawas in return.

Now newly-armed with information about ancient tunnels under the old Separatist base, the apprentices now have a closer view of their goal. Just a few Imperial Troopers and their prisoner were in the way…as well as a possible ancient treasure with its booby traps unused still in the old tunnels…

Scrapyard Scrape-Up

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