Skydiving on Coruscant

Skriz log: 1642

So, after cleaning up that giant pile of hot mess on Raxus Prime, we were stuck waiting for the Rogue Shadow to track down the bounty hunter Aurra Sing before we could make our next move. We headed back to Dantooine and Rahm Kota immediately bolted off somewhere doin some secret Master stuff. During a pit stop on the way back we managed to find a copy of some blueprints for the make and model of the Sundancer so I can try and figure out just how this ship has been modified when I have the time. So add that to the already massive pile of stuff I need to do. A Jawa’s work is never done.

While we were waiting, Quinlan Voss started teaching us some Jedi meditation techniques to help us all strengthen our connection to the Force. I’ve actually learned now how to focus the Force on myself to allow me to do all sorts of neat stuff. Still can’t huck people around the room, or make a dude forget I ever existed, but that’ll come with time.

The training seemed to have a different effect on Salamar, though. That night while all good little Jawas were sleeping, he? had a strange dream/vision. In it, a figure wearing Sith robes lead an army to threaten the galaxy, then the scenery changed and the robes changed to Jedi colors and the figure said, “There is no anger, the is only peace.” A story of redemption? Who knows. Then something even weirder happened. All of us woke up at the same time, and Salamar woke up to see a glowing spook of the dream Jedi standing in her? room. The ghost lead us out into the courtyard of the enclave and then faded away. As it faded out a sense of dread and darkness replaced it and fog filled the courtyard. Walking through the fog came an enormous humanoid in a jet black powered armor suit. Talus later said he recognized him as the Empire’s second in command, the powerful Darth Vader.

Vader spoke to us about how the Empire will crush us and how it wasn’t to late to join the winning team, blah blah blah something about reveling in the power of the Dark Side. Most of us said something to defy him, and I’m pretty sure I said something snarky, but honestly I was too busy scoping out that awesome power suit. Gotta figure out a way to make myself a suit that will bolster my physique without hampering my agility or interfering with my connection to the Force. I could feel the power rolling off of Vader like stink off a dewback, but something about the way he moved makes me think he gave up a lot of what makes him a person to get there. If that’s what the Dark Side has to offer me I think I’ll pass.

After Vader made his threat/offer, he and the fog faded away just like the ghost had leaving us all wondering what the hell had just happened. As we came out of the vision the sun was just starting to rise, meaning we had been standing in the courtyard staring at a wall like a bunch of Gungans for hours. Good news is that the Rogue Shadow had just made contact and had tracked the bounty hunter, who we now know was called Aurra Sing. Sing had headed back to Coruscant and then managed to disappear. At least we had somewhere to start looking, even if it was a planet sized city.

We land on Coruscant and start hitting up the various leads we can think of. I manage to use the planetary network to find some bank accounts of hers, but nothing that gives us a location to look into. We do notice that she made a recent large payment to another account, though. Looking into it, it turns out to be the personal account of that Kel’dor “archeologist” that double crossed us back on Raxus Prime! And lucky for us the account gives us the address of an apartment. We decide to scope him out, hoping maybe he’ll contact Sing again or maybe even lead us to him.

Salamar, Sorilea, and Tromph head to the apartment complex in a rented speeder, pretending to be a couple and their pet interested in leasing an apartment, trying to case the place and find kinks in the security. Me and Talus decide to make a pass directly by the Kel’dor’s apartment in another rented speeder, looking to see how easy it would be to break in and bug the place. Meanwhile, we decided to give the former mob enforcer with a gambling problem all our credits and send him out to buy weapons, parts for our new starfighter, and replacement parts to get the Sundancer out of it’s current jury-rigged state.

Salamar and crew manage to fool the apartment complex’s protocol droid into “giving” them a security card, and Tromph, being as delicate with advanced technology as ever, somehow manages to cause the droid to fall off a speeder dock to it’s destruction. I didn’t get the whole story, but it seemed to involve a copious amount of Kushibann crotch coming into contact with droid faceplate. That bunny is almost as good a saboteur as I am without any mechanical training at all.

Me and Talus somehow manage to be even less inconspicuous. It all started out fine. We made our first pass, and noticed two speeders docked at the Kel’dor’s apartment. I decided it’s worth bugging the speeders and told Talus to make another pass. When we flew past again I used my new Force abilities to Dash out of our speeder and land in one of the docked ones. I get myself good and hidden and start bugging the first speeder. Everything goes alright, but one of the goons in the apartment with the Kel’dor thinks he sees something when I try to sneak from one speeder to the next. He comes out onto the dock and catches me in the act, which I am now trying to make look like I was stealing the comm system in the speeder.

He yells back into the apartment that a Jawa is trying to rip them off, and that’s when I see a familiar face. That lousy Rodian bounty hunter, Greedo, comes rushing out onto the dock and yells, “What!? It’s him again!” I guess when you’re one of the few Jawas that wear a robe a color other than brown it makes you easy to recognize. He starts firing at me wildly, obviously freaking out, I manage to stun him with a shot and then jump off the dock yelling, “I’ll be seeing you!” I use my Dash ability to safely land on a lower floor, and call in Talus for the pickup.

As for Mitchell, he never really explained what happened to him during all this, but I’m guessing he went gambling and then either ran into bounty hunter trouble, or hit up one hell of a brothel. Cause when he came back, not only did he not have any of the stuff we wanted to buy, he was soaked in some sort of oil, looking sort of disgusted with himself, and had a whole mess of new creds in his “secret personal account.” Haha, secret.

Anyways, Talus and I made it back to the Sundancer first, and that’s when all the trouble started. We were monitoring the bugged speeders, when dock security comes knocking. Talus went out to talk to them while I listened in on comm and he found out that the Sundancer had been reported stolen and seen in the area by an “anonymous” source. I told Talus to stall them and got to work on faking a history of sale for the ship going back 4 or 5 owners. Since we changed the transponder codes on the ship so often, I hoped it would be easy to convince the security it was just a misunderstanding of a similar ship with a similar name. And that’s when the “owner” of the ship shows up. This stretch limo speeder glided onto the dock and a couple of toughs crawled out of it followed by a Toydarian who I am sure was trying to look intimidating. He said his name was Commodore something or other, I always have trouble paying attention to what Toydarians are saying. Those little flapping wings are so distracting. How do those tiny things keep them in the air!?

He started yelling at the security crew about how they have to turn the ship over him now because it was stolen from his merchant fleet and he can prove it’s his. His claim might even be true, except for the “merchant” part of it. The rebels commandeered this ship from pirates a few years ago. He said that this ship must be his Sundancer because it has the same exact modifications as his. This peaked my interest, and I had just finished my forgeries, so I head out onto the dock and start yelling at the security crew, too. They buy my fake history and tell the Commodore that he’ll have to offer some proof that the ship is his. I tell the little physics anomaly that if the ship was his he’d know what the modifications were for. He started to say something and then stopped and said that he’s not a mechanic, he just knows that the modifications mean it’s his ship. The security crew said that there’s nothing they can do and leave the dock. The Commodore yelled that he’d be watching us and then flapped back to his speeder with his goons.

Back on the ship, Talus started getting the ship ready to liftoff, and I started monitoring nearby comm frequencies in case the Toydarian tried to call in backup to take the ship by force. Guess who he contacted? None other than our good buddy Greedo. Getting an idea in my head, I started recording their conversation. The Commodore thanked Greedo for tipping him off about the Sundancer, and confirmed that the ship used to be his. He also said that he’d need Greedo’s help getting the ship back. Greedo told him it’d take some time to round up the muscle and that he’d contact him when he had something ready to go. Using the recorded conversation I managed to piece together a passable imitation of Greedo’s voice. We contacted the Commodore using the same frequency and told him that we were ready to take back the ship, but he should get out of there in case things got messy. The Toydarian took the bait and left the dock. A minute or two later we headed off to find a new dock, messaging the rest of the team about where to meet up.

After meeting back up, we planned out our next move. Once we confirmed that the speeders had left the Kel’dor’s apartment, Sal, Sorilea, and Tromph were going to go back and break into the the apartment and look for contact info on Sing. Mitchell and Talus would be waiting just outside in one of the rented speeders, playing lookout and ready for a quick evac if needed. I would stay on the ship at the dock, watching out for any sign that the Commodore had found the ship again, and keeping track of the location of the bugged speeders. Everything went great at first.

The security card easily got them onto the floor of the Kel’dor’s apartment and using the Force they could feel that there was a single life form inside. Deciding to take advantage of the element of surprise, Sal opened the door and Tromph Dashed in. It was the “archeologist” himself, sitting at his computer bank. Before he could react, Tromph kicked him right in the face, knocking him out. Now we had a person we could ask about Aurra Sing directly. The infiltration group decided to confirm the safety of the apartment before searching it, and that’s how they found the four armed combat droid before it got the drop on them. The three of them fought the droid and were getting the upper hand, Tromph managing to cut of several bits of it with his lightsaber. And then a blaster bolt tore through the wide window of the apartment and knocked Sal straight to the ground. Turns out that while trying to figure out a way to set up a trap for Aurra Sing, we had walked straight into the one she set for us. Lucky for us, the blaster shot had impacted Sal’s datapad, knocking the wind out of him? and destroying the datapad, but leaving him otherwise unharmed.

Tromph finished off the droid just in time, because then Greedo and a whole mess of bad guys bust in the apartment door and just go nuts with heavy repeater blasters. Unluckily for Greedo, being all bunched up near a doorway makes you an easy target for Kushibann trained in the Force. One powerful Burst later and Greedo and company go flying back out into the hall, knocking themselves unconcious.

Meanwhile, Talus and Mitchell are trying to spot where the sniper shot that took down Sal came from. Once Greedo joins the fray, Sing switches her target to the speeder, scoring a shot that would have sent a speeder with a lesser pilot behind the controls spiraling out of control. They pinpoint Sing’s location on the roof of a building across the speeder lanes and head towards her. She takes a couple more shots, but is forced to drop the blaster rifle at the last second to dodge the speeder that Talus is trying his damndest to hit her with.

Back on the ship, I’ve decided that things have gotten just crazy enough, and have R5 get the ship heading to the fight. I figure by the end of this we’ll need to get off planet pretty fast before the Emperor himself hears about us.

It seemed like things were turning in our favor, so Sal and Tromph decide to use Dash to join the fight against Aurra jumping from speeder to speeder to cross the lanes between buildings. Noticing this use of the Force, Aurra hisses the word Jedi and draws two lightsabers. Sorilea, being the sensible one, stays behind to disarm and tie up the bad guys and get the important ones ready for pick up. Mitchell jumps off the speeder onto the roof and uses Grip to keep Aurra from slicing anyone up with her lightsabers while Talus shoots at her. Breaking the grip, Sing uses her own Force powers to damage the speeder and shove it off the roof with Talus still in it. Talus falls a few floors but manages to abandon the vehicle and grab onto the side of the building, eventually using Dash to jump back up to the roof. Sing, seeing that she is about to be seriously outnumbered takes this chance to run, jumping from roof to roof.

Just as Tromph and Sal meet up with Mitch and Talus, Sing speeds past on a swoop bike she had stashed nearby. Trying to keep her from getting away and still being a threat, Tromph unleashes one last Burst, knocking Sing out and sending the bike spiraling to the ground far, far below.

I show up on scene with the Sundancer just in time to see our whole objective falling to her death. The ship doesn’t have any kind of winch to grab her with and it’s too big to maneuver through the speeder lanes and neither R5 or I have the piloting skills needed to do something like that anyways. So I do the only rational thing to do at that point. I jump out the hatch of the ship after her.

If falling in between countless zooming speeders trying to catch someone out of midair was a competitive sport, I’d probably be declared Intergalactic Grand Champion. Using Dash to catch up to her and get onto the swoop with her, I then focused the Force on myself, increasing my strength so that I could hold on to her. Using one of her own lightsabers to free her from the swoop bike I then drew my trusty grapple gun and latched on to the nearest passing speeder. One last use of Dash to hop us both up on to the speeder’s hood, and Sing was now safe and in our custody. Although there were a couple of Gran just completely losing it driving the speeder now. With a little help from Sing’s lightsaber, I managed to convince them to park the speeder on a nearby dock. I was going to wait at the dock for pickup, but the Gran generously ran away, letting me borrow their speeder to meet up with the team back at the apartment.

Talus had managed to get onto the Sundancer before R5 backed it into a building and they had just finished loading up Greedo and the Kel’dor when I got back with Sing. I was planning on ditching the speeder at the apartment, but everyone was in a big rush so I just drove the thing into the cargo hold. As we were leaving the news comm channels were exploding with stories about a “Jawa Crime Wave” complete with a picture of me. Hahaha, guess I can’t wear grey robes on Coruscant anymore.

Once our prisoners were secure, we questioned them separately while on our way to meet up with a Rebel flagship. The Kel’dor said that he was actually an Imperial intelligence agent that was stationed on Raxus Prime to help the Empire track down and end the Jawa occupation. When we showed up he warned the Imperial troops at the Seperatist facility that we were coming and then described us to Aurra Sing and told her we might be Jedi.

Greedo said that he had been contacted by Aurra to help set a trap for us. When asked about our ship he said he had recognized it the first time we gave him a ride back after escaping from Cad Bane on Argovia. He said he didn’t know what the modifications did, but that the ship had been discovered by the pirates orbiting a planetless star. He said that the Sundancer was actually so close to the star that they had to send a crew over through space, because getting another ship that close it wouldn’t have been able to escape the stars gravity well. That gives me an idea of just what those modifications might do.

Sorilea was the one to get the most info out of Sing. Sing told us that she had already passed on a list of the planets Quinlan Voss had visited as worlds with potential Jedi refugees on them. When asked about her employer, Sing told us to ask Kota what the name Ventress meant to him. She said Ventress like she was spitting poison. Going through Sing’s datapad also revealed that she had been sharing info with Cad Bane, including our descriptions and last known appearances.

We turned over Sing and the Kel’dor to the Rebellion, and dumped Greedo on another backwater planet, stripped of his possessions once again. We told him we wouldn’t be so nice if he messes with us again.

I guess now we head back to Dantooine and wait to figure out what to do next.

Skydiving on Coruscant

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