The Hidden Rules

Salamar’s Interlude

They tell that the first rule of the con is that you can’t con on honest. The rest of the rules go on from there, ranging in validity and effectiveness. But there is one rule they don’t teach you. I guess they think every con man has to learn it for himself.

I had just split with my mentor after a profitable run in the outer rim, and decided that I could run a crew of my own. So I recruited a few contacts, they were pretty rough, new to the game, but I figured with me in the lead how could I lose. The target I chose was the Star of Capellia, a gambling, ship a veritable city in space. The trick is, you can;t just walk into the Star, and sit down at the high rollers table, you have to win your way in, level by level.

The first two levels were easy, some simple street grifts, a sickening agent in a drink, a tune up in the back alley. The third level was a little more difficult. It required a long con, a couple disguises, but went down pretty easy. The fourth level would be the problem, the last rung before the high rollers section. Surrounded by surveillance, patrolled by guard, wired against all forms of cheating, so I took it the old fashioned way. I used my skill at games of chance and won my way into the high rollers level.

So, there I was, all those rich suckers waiting to be plucked, but I wasn’t there for them. I was there for two statues, relics of a species who was an unfortunate casualty of the Great Hyperspace War, long, long ago. The heist was easy. The statutes fit into a hollowed out case I had brought with me, and we were clean away. Then we got out of the system, and took the statues to a fence. Then I found out they were fakes, turns out that the real statutes are stored in a vault in the depths of the ship.

So that’s how I learned the hidden rule of the con game, never con a con.

The Hidden Rules

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