The Tale of Sheifa

Tromph’s Interlude

Sheifa was the chieftains daughter. She was the most popular woman in the tribe. She was also the only one that was ever truly kind to me. I was always what was the human phrase you used " an odd duck?". When you grow up on a plant of 3 meter tall creatures and you Are under half a meter tall you tend not to have a lot of options.

My people we run we hide we run some more till we find a nice hollow in a tree then we hide again. I was always weird because I didn’t want to run I wanted to hide and watch them. I wanted to learn from them. I wanted to be able to stop them. For a people evolved around avoiding trouble at all costs I was an outsider for wanting to be able to defend my people. But Sheifa never gave me reason to pause. She was always there with a kind word and a ready smile. And when we would meet in the evening she would sing for the tribe and her voice was like that of one of your nightingales. When she was happy her fur would change the color of the evening sky right after sunset.

I was happy in my life there even as an outcast because she was there. until…
it was a night of two full moons when the Gairoo attacked. Everyone scattered but Shiefa was cornered. She tried hiding in a tree and snapped right through the the tree. She escaped to another and then another tree and it kept snapping through them. I tried to draw it away but knocked flying with a toss of it head. I still remember the sound of here dying scream.

With that attack our tribe was scattered far and wide. While I was Searching for anyone I knew was when Ram Kota found me. My dream is to one day make a place for my people where they don’t have to run. Where they don’t have to worry if they will wake up inthe morning. A place with no predators. And I will call it Sheifa.

The Tale of Sheifa

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