The Trap

The Trap!
From the Journal of Talus Fyurron, Rebel Force Commando
The Calmari Convoy Conundrum

We approached the secret Imperial convoy in our small “damaged” shuttle slowly. Immediately sending our captured code from our operation on Kamino, we sweated in our borrowed uniforms awaiting the all-clear signal or deadly blaster fire. I nearly jumped as the green light flashed on my console, leaving me glad I had skipped breakfast that morning after all. Our story about being stranded Imperials had worked after all.

Settling the shuttle onto a simple docking seal on the underside of the Imperial escort vessel was a breeze in comparison to the waiting we had just endured. I waved my compatriots toward the exit and reminded them it would be best for me to remain on the shuttle to make sure I wasn’t recognized. Salamar and Mitchell went in dressed as Imperials, while Skriz and the fur-ball Tromph snuck onto the ship and used the ventilation system to their advantage.

We were welcomed as cordially as was possible by the Imperials, and Salamar requested access to the Imperial ship’s main communications as an Imperial Intelligence officer needing to report in. Suspicious but cooperative, the Captain of the vessel gave Salamar what he asked for. Sending a signal to the hidden Sun Dancer and Sorliea, Salamar set up an attack on the convoy for a specific time. Salamar then had Skriz subtly monitor communications, and then use the ship’s computers to aid our endevors as best he could.

Salamar then convinced the Captain he was also there to search for a possible traitor among the main convoy crew, and needed to reach the main ship and interview the crew immediately. Without much hesitation, Salamar Drass and Mitchell were carted off to the adjoining vessel and left to their own devices.

This is where we met “Captain” Ackbar for the first time.

Honest and straight-laced, the “Captain” was interviewed last, and was evidently Moff Tarken’s personal aid. As it turned out, we needed him to translate data retrieved about the Death Star from his quarters, as it was in a code of his own devising. Salamar and Mitchell grabbed all the data they could get and took Ackbar into custody without a fuss.

However, upon arriving at the small shuttle bay on the Imperial escort ship, Salamar was confronted by the captain of the vessel and several Imperial troops. Thus cutting everyone off from our docked shuttle.

I was busy myself at the time, as the two techs attempting to repair the “damaged” shuttle left suddenly and suspiciously. Taking that as a sign that things had just gone supernova, I jumped into the engine area of the shuttle, under the main deck, and replaced the part that Skriz had removed to fake the damage to the shuttle. At that moment two Imperial troopers entered the shuttle, obviously looking for me. I knew I had to take both enemies out quickly, and acted before I thought it through, blasting the metal deck above me with Force lightning. Both troopers collapsed, in agony.

I then jumped to the shuttle’s controls and began reviving it’s engines, getting ready to leave as soon as everyone was aboard.

Back in the escort ship’s bay, the confrontation between Salamar and the Imperial Captain crested in a distraction by the hidden smaller members in our group. Tromph knocked over some crates onto a trooper which distracted everyone, thus giving our people a chance to break out of the Imperial trap. During the short but intense scuffle that followed, it was at that moment the hidden troops, appearing as local pirates, arrived from a short Hyper-jump. Led by Sorilea in the Sundancer, they began assaulting the escort vessel and distracting the remainder of the convoy from our glorious escape.

In all the confusion the entire group managed to get back to the shuttle, and launched just before the Imperial ship was destroyed.

A successful mission all in all.

The question remains, however, on how they figured out our little deception. Unfortunately, my guess is that we will never truly know. That…disturbs me for some reason.

The Trap

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