Thermite Throwdown

Skriz Log: 1635

So, myself, in hindsight I know my last entry didn’t make a whole lot of sense, since it was mostly me jabbering about how awesome Jawas are. But I mean, c’mon, you saw that spider walker thing the Raxus Jawas put together, freakin sweet. Would love to see the specs. Anyways, before I get sidetracked, onto more recent events.

After the Jawas showed us around their little fortress village and we talked to that Kel’dor archeologist guy about the spooky ruins that lead into the Separatist facility, the Jawas received word that an Imperial ship had come into orbit of the planet. The Raxus Jawas invited us along to watch them shoot that sucker down. There was no way I was missing that, so of course I was onboard. The rest of the team came, too, since I’m totally the boss and they go where I say.

The ore cannon is so freakin cool, you have no idea. It’s actually a pretty large facility all on it’s own. Originally used by the Empire to huck scrap into space that could then be used to assemble their dumb cheese wedge spaceships in weightlessness, the Jawas converted it into an awesome death machine. We get there, and things are in full swing, they got this sucker right in their sights, totally on lockdown. They fire the cannon, which makes an incredible amount of noise, I could feel the bass in my chest. Then they use a tractor beam to fine tune the trajectory of the hot molten death ball. We gotta build one of these on Dantooine. The big wussy Star Destroyer totally wussed out and ran away to hyperspace before they could become a sweet explosion/debris field, though. All the Raxus Jawas were acting disappointed, but I consider it a win anyways. They just hurled a giant chunk of scrap into space hard enough to crater a major spaceship. Why they aren’t doing it all the time is totally beyond me.

Anyways, figuring they hadn’t been a big enough wet blanket already by not letting us blow them up, the Imperials had to try and kill the fun even more by choosing now to have their elite squad of haz-mat Stormtroopers show up to attack the ore cannon facility. The Jawas on security tell us that the troopers have split up into 3 groups, one heading to the elevator that leads to where the ore cannon is loaded, another headed to the tractor beam control station, and the last headed to the facility’s garage, probably to let in reinforcements.

We all decide to split up like any good team inevitably does. Mitchell and Salamar head to the tractor beam station, and Talus and Sorilea head to the garage, both mini-groups taking a Raxus Jawa and a junk droid or two with them. While we were getting all that sweet intel, Tromph had wandered off into the ventilation ducts somewhere, so I send him a short telepathic message with the Force, letting him know to head to the elevator and then I follow after him, taking the air vent expressway.

It takes a bit to get to the elevator, and by the time I reach it everything shakes as an explosion rocks the hallway just in front of the elevator. According to Tromph, he had gotten to the elevator just before the Imperials, and managed to cut his way into it from the top using his lightsaber (those things are so badass I really need to make one.) He huddled up in a corner waiting for them to finish welding through the mag-lock on the elevator. I guess their plan was the blow the elevator and then jump down the chute to take out the ore loading bay or something, cause once they got the lock broken and the doors pried open by some sort of maintenance droid they tossed in a rather large chunk of explosives. Unfortunately for them, Tromph was waiting and managed to use the Force to toss the bomb right back out at them. The troopers ran from the explosion, but didn’t all manage to get away. The explosion did manage to damage the elevator though, and it dropped about 150 feet down the shaft with Tromph in it before the emergency brakes slowed it to a stop.

This is right about when I showed up and got to work. Using the Force, I was able to sense the general location of the rest of the troopers, and managed to float my frag grenade just above their heads. This knocked a couple of them down, but didn’t take em out, they got thick ass armor. We trade a couple shots unsuccessfully, and then their leader tells them to just continue the mission. They all run for the open shaft and start jumping down it, so I hop out of the vent and toss my brand new ion grenade after them. The grenade shorts out their fancy suits, including the jump boots they were planning on using to break their fall. The elevator does it for them instead, but isn’t quite so gentle. Tromph, who had started climbing back up the shaft, said that he took some swipes at them as they fell with his lightsaber, but didn’t get any good amputations out of it. With just one trooper left I figure a fall is just as good for him, so I shoot him in the back with my ion blaster and then push him over the edge. Or I would have pushed him if he wasn’t very big and also heavy. This jerkbag notices me shoving on him all ineffectively, and then has the gall to turn around and kick me! Right in the chest! Hard enough to bruise and everything! This obviously could not stand, so I UNLEASHED THE BEAST and (after backing up a bit to get the running space I needed) charged him and sent him down the shaft to catch up to his friends. And I didn’t even fall in with him! I guess that was the trooper that broke the Ton-ton’s back, cause after that the elevator just kinda gave up on staying where it was and fell the rest of the way down the shaft. Eh, that’s an easy fix.

Team BigThreatSmallPackage: 1
Haz-Mat Troopers: 0
Ore loading station: Elevator Out of Order, Please take Stairs.

The other groups did just about as well as us. Mitchell and Salamar got to the tractor beam control station and had the junk droid take point, which was a good idea, cause it kinda blew up the moment the doors opened. The Imperials had brought us a new toy in the form of an E-Web Blaster turret. I’m guessing the moment they saw it, Sal and Mitch had one of those moments of complete synch, thinking, “Oh yes, it will be ours.” Sal unleashes the mind whammy, using Confuse on the troopers manning the turret, and orders the Jawa they brought along to ion blast the turret to disable it. Sal and Mitch then start heading up the stairs towards the actual control room. Mitch uses Grip on a trooper on the stairs that was laying down covering fire, and manages to Force drag him off the stairs to fall down the huge pit that took up most of the middle of the room. Sal heads for the E-Web, shooting at the confused troopers. Mitch makes it to the control room just in time to see some troopers running out of another door into a hallway. That’s when he notices the beeping coming from the two sets of explosives on the tractor beam controls. Geez, what is it with these guys and explosives? Anyways, I’m pretty sure he’s fulla Bantha poodoo, but Mitch says that what happened next was he was able to dig deep into his hidden reserves of awesomeness and use full blown Telekinesis to yank the explosives off the consoles and toss them out into the hallway after the troopers, who then got blown up. Sal finishes off the troopers on the turret emplacement, but then, tragedy of tragedies! One of them drags the E-Web off the platform with him as he tumbles to his death! Mitchell manages one last feat of Telekinesis, and is able to snatch sweet loot from the jaws of the bottomless pit.

Team BadBoys?: Sweet Catch!
Haz-Mats: Keep getting blown up by their own explosives.
Hallway leading to tractor beam controls: Needs a new coat of paint.

At pretty much the same time the rest of this is starting, our newest members, Sorilea and Talus, show up at the garage and just completely ruin the surprise party the Imperials were setting up for them. They bust into the garage all hardcore like, and notice the troopers spread out nicely around the room, including a turret mounted on a pair of walker legs. Sorilea, being a girl after my own heart, starts hucking grenades around like crazy, taking out the trooper on the walking turret, and several other troopers. Talus hits em like a hurricane made out of the Force, Bursting troopers left and right, and shooting the ones that get back up. During the fight, the troopers manage to get the bay doors to start opening, but a well timed shot from Talus manages to get them stuck at about 4 or 5 feet wide. Which is good, cause the Imperials had a bigass wardroid out there. It starts barfing gouts of flame through the opening, but can’t really get at the two. Talus proceeds to shoot it until it crumples into a pile blocking the bay doors, while Sorilea cleans up the last couple troopers still in the garage. Pretty badass overall for their first real combat since joining the team.

Team BoomBurstBang: ****
Haz-Mats: Graciously donated their equipment to the Rebel cause.
Bay doors: Currently inaccessible.

With the safety of the Jawa’s cannon currently secured, we regrouped and headed back to the Jawa village, to resupply and prepare to head to the Separatist facility. We decided to get a bit more intel on the bounty hunter and her prey that are the cause of the Imperials re-occupying the base. According to the Jawas, bounty and hunter crashed on Raxus Prime around 3 or 4 weeks ago and then abandoned their ships, the hunter taking the bounty to the Separatist base to use as a make-shift holding cell and wait for an Imperial pickup. We headed to the Jawa who had salvage claim on the ships to see if we could poke around on them for clues. He said he had already taken everything of worth off the ships and was just waiting to tear them down into scrap, but we could have a look around. We looked, but didn’t really find anything important, except me who totally found a busted lightsaber on the bounty’s ship. The bounty being a maybe Jedi makes the prospect of rescuing them much more enticing and worth the risk. After we were done searching we asked if we could take a look at the salvaged navigation computers. The Jawa said he was only able to recover the one off the hunter’s ship and true to Jawa form, he said he would only trade it for something else. We offered the tea leftover from Greedo’s stash, but he wanted something worth more than that. We ended up having to give him Greedo’s busted speeder. I’m gonna miss tearing that apart and rebuilding it, but oh well, now we’ve got a neat Nav computer that I can mess around with. The thing was pretty busted up, but after spending the night slicing it I was able to backtrack the bounty hunter’s last several destinations. From Ord Mantell to Coruscant to Tatooine to Felucia to here on Raxus Prime. During the night Salamar gets some Jawas to mount the E-Web blaster on the back of our remaining speeder.

The next morning, rested and resupplied, we headed out to the ruins below the Separatist base with the Kel’dor archeologist. Salamar is totally psyched about getting a look at these ruins for some reason, talking about some conqueror named Zim or something and treasure. The ruins are pretty sweet, though. Freaking gigantic, really. The Kel’dor says he’ll stay with the speeder in case we need a quick exit. We head into the broken tunnels and walk for what seems like an eternity. Mitchell shoots some beasties and eventually we find our way into a room with the ceiling waaaaaaaaaay up above the walls. There are stairs leading up nearby, but we want to take a quick look around, so I grapple gun my way to the top of the nearby wall. Looking around it seems like this used to be a huge hanger bay, each room big enough for a single cargo ship. From where we are we can’t see any ship sized exit, though, so either this bay is big or the exit collapsed in the time that’s passed since this place was last used.

After awhile, we find our way out into a series of courtyards that head up the outside of the ruins, and almost get spotted by some Stormtroopers flying around with jetpacks. Eventually we make our way back inside and find an elevator that looks like it heads straight up into the Separatist base. We decide to take the stealthier option of the stairway that runs next to the elevator, though. After an eternity of stairway hell, we find a maintenance tunnel running under floors that look differently from the ruin floors. We have reached the Separatist base. There are several exit hatches nearby, Tromph and I take looks from out of a couple of them and spy several Stormtroopers guarding an array of power generators and two shield emitters. I also notice an Imperial tech working on a probe droid that I have decided I would like to own. Anyways, we dropped back into the tunnel and started planning how to deal with the troopers, and I started writing this entry. I’m bored of writing to myself, now, though, and I’m pretty sure Tromph just said he’s gonna sneak out and take a look around, which means he will most likely be pushing a button soon, so I should stop messing with my Datapad and get ready for the fight that’s about to start.

Thermite Throwdown

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