Star Wars: The Last Hope is a alternate history Star Wars campaign set during the Dark Times and Rebellion Era using the Savage Worlds Deluxe and Thrilling Tales game system.

The heroes are the Special Combat Group, the Rebellion’s top secret weapon. Only a hand full of people know of their true nature: a special ops unit of Force users. Secretly trained by Jedi Master Rahm Kota, the heroes are a untested motley squad. Their top secret mission: Destroy the Death Star.

Traveling the Galaxy in the mysterious starship Sundancer, the SCG have been guided by the Force ghost of an unknown ancient Jedi Master. They have disabled Imperial communications, liberated Raxus Prime and Mon Calimar, stopped a Sith Knight from hunting and killing Jedi, captured the Deputy Director of the Imperial Security Bureau and raided the Jedi Temple on Coruscant for clues to the location of the Kaiburr crystal.

The last hope

Star Wars: The Last Hope

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