• Mitchell Rivers

    Mitchell Rivers

    Sometimes a scroundrel. Maybe a Jedi. Definitely not a snitch.
  • Salamar Drass

    Salamar Drass

    As a Clawdite Grifter, Salamar considers himself the ultimate predator, at least of possessions, bank accounts, and credits. He use his shape shifting and force powers to supplement his already substantial talent in the persuasive arts.
  • Skriz "Scrapheap" Aziz'k

    Skriz "Scrapheap" Aziz'k

    Scrapheap is a Jawa tech expert who has spent most of his life serving as mechanic on various merchant vessels. Only in the past 2 years has he been called to a higher purpose, joining Rahm Kota's secret small band of Force sensitives.
  • Sorilea


    A Twi'lek Thief
  • Talus Fyurron

    Talus Fyurron

    Ex-Imperial Tie-Fighter Pilot Ace, Out for revenge against the Empire!
  • Tromph


    Kushiban Jedi