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The Galaxy

A map of the Galaxy with coordinates.

Planets of the Galaxy

Argovia – A mining planet near the Braxtan Run where an Imperial Sensor Net Control Center is located.

Coruscant – The Imperial capital. Aurra Sing returned here after Raxus Prime to meet with her patron. The SCG eventually returned here to look for the holicron that contained clues to the location of the Kaiburr crystal.

Dantooine – Location of an ancient Jedi Temple that is used as a base by Rahm Kota’s team of force users.

Kamino – Under the cover of an assault on the cloning facilities on this planet, the SCG was able to capture the Deputy Director of the ISB. Asaj Ventress is believed to have parished in the brig of the Salvation when that ship crashed on Kamino.

Raxus Prime – A junk planet in the Tion sector liberated from the Empire now governed by Rebel friendly Jawas.

Tatooine – A barren planet on the Outer Rim, Asaj Ventress believed that slain Jedi Anikin Skywalker had a daughter before his death and she was brought to this planet to hide her.

People of the Galaxy

Batts – Rebel sympathizer, counterfeiter and former Black Sun contractor. He stole a Jedi Holocron from Black Sun and is now hunted by the bounty hunter Cade Bane.

Commodore Sito – toydarian privateer in the service of Admiral Ossel, he discovered the Sundancer in orbit around a solitary star and salvaged it for use in his fleet.

Grat’iz – One of the tribal elders of the Meeknu jawa clan of Raxus Prime. He negotiated for the Special Combat Group’s help in liberating Raxus Prime from the Empire.

Mellun – Imperial Archeologist and spy for the Imperial Security Bureau. He told the Rebels how to reach the old Separatist base where Aurra Sing was hiding and then warned the bounty hunter that the Rebels were on the way.

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